Are Wire Transfer Agreements Required

3 Dec

9.2 The customer is strictly responsible for defining and maintaining his own appropriate and economically appropriate security procedures to prevent unauthorized transfers to the bank. The customer must prevent and, before any unauthorized transmission, disclosure and access to security-related items, including information relating to the transfer of funds, such as security procedures, instructions, passwords and user identifiers, as well as systems and devices related to the bank, its information, systems and devices (`security items`), to link it to the bank, its information, systems and devices, or to enable it to link with the bank, its information, its systems and its devices. The customer must implement, maintain and implement his own commercially appropriate security practices, techniques and procedures for accessing, storing and maintaining security-related objects to protect against unauthorized transfers and unauthorized access to security-related objects. These practices, techniques and procedures must not be less than the safety requirements described in this schedule or apply to the service. 5.4 The Bank does not accept any guarantees or guarantees regarding the availability of funds for foreign destinations. The bank does not explicitly or implicitly guarantee the date or date on which the transfer arrives at the receiving bank, the amount of fees charged by the receiving bank, or the date or date on which the recipient receives a credit for the funds. 17.2 The customer acknowledges and accepts that the bank`s service may be interrupted from time to time. Without restricting the universality of the above, the Bank is accused of not acting or delaying if such a failure is due to legal constraints, interruptions in communication or communication equipment, equipment or software errors or software errors, wars, terrorist acts, emergency situations or other circumstances beyond the proper control of the bank. From time to time, the Bank must temporarily suspend service or processing of a transaction to check or verify precautions, including, but not limited to, the suspension of processing to verify alleged fraudulent activities, checking whether the resources available are sufficient, and the full contribution and validity of OFAC`s compliance, in accordance with current OFAC guidelines, and the bank is excused if this results in delays in the resolution and/or availability of the transaction.