Umd Reslife Agreement

19 Dec

Questions can be asked of Resident Life`s Assignments and Public Inquiry employees at (301) 314-2100 or Any student interested in on-campus housing must submit a campus housing and catering contract through the Department of Residential Living. To apply, you need to create your directory ID and password. Once you have your ID card, you can apply for accommodation by entering into the online housing contract. Please read the instructions below. Newcomers who, starting in the fall semester, submit the campus housing and catering contract until May 1, will receive secure housing. You can only file the agreement once. If necessary, you should request changes to your housing contract by sending an email to the Residents` Department of Living in Please include your full name and university ID (UID) in all correspondences. The rooms are in order of transmission of the contract.

You can file the housing contract before registration is confirmed and terminate it without penalty before July 1. If you have any questions, please contact us at or (301) 314-2100. Thank you. Please note that the summer contract will be available on March 5, 2019. In the run-up to next fall, we advise you to review housing plans for next year with the following information: On-campus apartments are available for new transfer students on an available basis. Interested students should complete the campus accommodation and catering contract as soon as possible. All housing applications are first placed on a waiting list. If space is available, students can be removed from the waiting list and assigned to a room and roommates. The ability to find and search for roommates will be available in mid-May, with a deadline of June 30.

The Assignment Residences Department will contact you by email when this process is available. The Board of Allotment takes into account many variables in determining housing allowances. The preferences of roommates are taken into account, but are not guaranteed. All students who live in the traditional and suite style on the campus apartment must purchase a Seven Day Dining Resident Plan. Each plan offers food at all times, which means that students have unlimited access to the dining rooms during normal operating hours. The Department of Residents` Life is committed to providing housing for as many students as possible on campus. Published in April 2014, the Strategic Plan for Student Housing on Campus outlines our vision for the future and a 15-year plan for the construction of new housing and the renovation and modernization of existing residences. .

Home > accommodation availability >Housing Commitments Policy The university will provide space in the residences and grant the use of residents of the hall facilities in accordance with these terms and conditions for the entire academic year 2019-2020, from the approved registration day to the final final exam, with the exception of Thanksgiving closures, recess semesters and breaks (additional fees for occupancy). During these closures, North Campus residents must leave their rooms (unless officially authorized and paid) and residents of the South Campus may remain in their rooms with written permission, under additional rules and procedures and at additional proportional accommodation costs. During these closures, the restaurants are closed and there are no menus. Newcomers from the spring semester will be given priority for rooms that open fall classes in our residences.